20150322 $20 million or probably more, Temasek must disclose CEO’s pay package


I refer to TRS article “Is the Singaporean taxpayer subsidising Ho Ching’s bonus” by Kenneth Jeyaretnam.

As stakeholders of Temasek Holdings, all citizens have the right to know not only the bonus of its CEO but the annual pay package of all its directors.

PAP is obligated to disclose the amount of reserves used to remunerate Temasek directors. Instead, PAP has privatised public funds and Temasek has no statutory obligation to disclose any information it prefers to conceal.

Last year, Temasek and the PMO refused to reply to my query on Temasek directors’ remuneration. Why? Is the remuneration so highly embarrassing if disclosed? After some research, I estimate Temasek CEO’s pay package to be at least $20 million. This is based on the following:

– In 2012, the compensation of DBS Group CEO Piyush Gupta hit a record of $9.33 million.
– In 2011, Keppel…

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20150321 For our children’s sake, say ‘NO’ to LKY’s FT policy, PAP’s population growth shortcut


Singaporeans should be wary of PAP’s economic ‘growth’ model which is totally dependent on an exponential growth of the foreigner population.

A person of average intelligence should have already known PAP bureaucrats have no idea of economic growth since even before the Goh Chok Tong government fell in love with foreign talents … and trash.

What Singaporeans want is a government which prioritises citizens over foreigners ie don’t anyhow give our lunch away. And we are not arguing for a workforce without foreigners.

The PAP has all along been using the additional foreigner headcount to generate economic ‘growth’ and it has become addicted to this ‘growth’ model, much to our detriment. This growth shortcut had its roots way back in the 1970’s, as revealed by a recent TRE article. The man responsible is none other than Lee Kuan Yew. Make no mistake that LKY is the PAP and though he…

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